Pokémon : a man arrested … for stealing cards

Pokémon : a man arrested ... for stealing cards

The cards Pokémon can be sold at exorbitant prices and under these conditions, they too are victims of theft. Proof of this is this new news item.

Yes, even card collector Pokémon becomes a passion at risk. This is how we can learn that a Dallas man was recently arrested for stealing more than $1,000 in cards Pokémon . The bandit in question also allegedly worked with another person to steal other cards and was charged with several crimes, including a criminal conspiracy.

When Pokémon becomes a target

Everything can be stolen and when you know that a card Pokémon can be worth several hundred or even several thousand dollars, it’s not even surprising to see this kind of miscellaneous happening. We learn that Charles James Pointer, a 31-year-old Dallas man was recently arrested by the Albany Police Department on suspicion of stealing at least $1,000 in cards. Pokémon . He allegedly worked with another person to commit his misdeed. But unlike recent thefts that take place on companies, this theft would have taken place under threat and under duress against the victim himself. Which is an even different stage.

His bond has just been set at $50,000. Between the inflation on daily life and the soaring prices of goods of this type, this kind of thing is unfortunately likely to multiply. We remember a few months ago the record sale of a card at a price of 900,000 dollars:

Final sale price: $900,000.

An absolute public sale record for a card Pokémon.

What do you think of the surge in the sale price of the cards Pokémon ?

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