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Tonight at 8:20 p.m., the France 3 soap opera marks the start of its first summer saga by broadcasting a special episode, in which an ecological cruise turns into drama for several mistralians. What do the first episodes have in store for you?

Nathalie GUYON – FTV

Tonight, Plus Belle la vie devotes an entire episode to its great summer plot, centered on an ecological cruise that goes wrong. Gathered by Céline (Rebecca hampton), Laetitia (Caroline Riou), Valentine (David Ban), Fanny (Prudence Leroy), Romain (Simon ehrlacher), Bilal (Kjel Bennett) and Claude (Charles Schneider) embark on a sailboat in the colors of GTS to clean the coastal beaches all summer, and educate holidaymakers to respect the environment. But after a few days of cruising, a terrible shipwreck will turn everything upside down …

A hostile environment

Stranded on a mysterious island following a storm that devastated their boat, the survivors, divided into two groups, will first of all hope to find tourists or local boats. They will quickly realize that they are stuck on a desert island. With no way to contact land, and their missing skipper, they will have to face a hostile environment, between wild beasts, rationing of drinking water and potentially fatal injuries.

I shot things on this set that I had never shot in seventeen years on Plus Belle la vie“, says Rebecca Hampton to West France. “We’re going to see Céline Frémont as we’ve never seen her“.

While Fanny injures her leg and finds Romain unconscious, Claude, paralyzed by the water, finds himself stuck on a rock, before being rescued by Céline and Bilal. The young man then fires several distress rockets in the hope of finding their comrades. Laetitia, as for her, ends up being found narrowly on the beach by Fanny and Romain, in an advanced state of dehydration.

Now left to their own devices, the survivors will have to learn to rely on themselves. Fanny and Romain will particularly stand out: while the young waitress places the survival of the group above all else, she “surprises and surpasses himself“according to Prudence Leroy, while Romain will become”a leader in spite of himself“, says Simon Ehrlacher.

A family affair

As soon as she wakes up on the island, Fanny feels oppressed, and describes this place as “damn“to Romain. The young woman is assailed by noises and visions of her little girl, while her mother calls her … She is sure of it, she has already been to this island, which seems to hold a heavy intimate secret .

A surprise guest and a guest

While surveying the island, Laetitia thinks she sees Valentin (David Ban), her former lover, in the woods. Thinking delirious because of thirst, she then confides in Fanny, and reveals to her that she feels more in love with him than with Sébastien, her current companion.

Against all expectations, Valentin is indeed on the island with them: when he comes across Céline, he explains to her that he boarded secretly in the hold of the sailboat when he discovered that Laetitia was leaving without Sébastien, in order to win her back.

“Cleaning up the beaches rather than the Celeste will allow him to meet and take stock“, reveals David Ban, who plays the wealthy entrepreneur.”But while she’s the type to roll up her sleeves, this time she’s more of a follower. “

Among the guests of this summer intrigue, we will also find Anthony Dupray, revealed in fiction First kisses of AB Productions in the 1990s. His role is for the moment kept secret, but given his appearance on the set, which he reveals in a photo on his Instagram account, we can assume that he will be an “inhabitant” of the island, little inclined to have unexpected company …

Reconciliations in sight

Since the start of the cruise, it will not have escaped the viewers of the daily that Doctor Vidal has eyes only for Fanny, the young waitress of the Marci. When she finds him unconscious on the island, she manages to resuscitate him by giving mouth-to-mouth water, which does not fail to disturb Romain … temperature ?

Meanwhile, Bilal, who has found himself stranded alongside Celine, wakes up with his hand resting on his chest. But Celine wakes up and brutally pushes the young man aside to try to find help, while the latter tries to take advantage of the fact that they are alone to kiss him. But Céline seems rather distracted by the physique of Valentin when she meets him …

As for the latter, the fact of finding himself on a desert island paradise will undoubtedly bring him closer to …

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