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A serial killer rages on the Mistral and leaves the police powerless. Launched in pursuit of her, Ariane will trace an unexpected trail in the coming weeks: she will discover a link with Camille, Emma’s sister, and her former kidnapper …

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While first big saga of summer approaching for Plus Belle la vie, the detective plot of the moment promises not to be easy for the protagonists of the soap opera.

After discovering a walled-up body on a construction site, Ariane and Eric suspect that a serial killer is operating on the Mistral, and is preparing to prepare his next shot. Meanwhile, Emma fights for the guardianship of her sister Camille, traumatized after being kidnapped and kidnapped by Jacob for many years.

While the young woman now seems to have found a normal life with Emma, ​​Baptiste and their son, her mother, Alice, will do everything to recover her custody, even if it means pushing Emma to the limit and making her lose her temper in order to to file a complaint against her.

But what neither Alice nor Emma see during their legal war is that Camille is not doing well. Following the discovery of compromising press clippings on the murders in a letter addressed to her, she panics and starts drinking, until she goes into an alcoholic coma.

According to the site Stars News, this intrigue could well mark the return of Jacob to the Mistral. Caught up by his demons, Camille will reconnect with him while he is hiding in the Celestial.

While at the police station, Ariane persists in wanting to investigate alone despite the orders of Commissioner Cissé: persuaded to hold a solid lead, the policewoman will indeed discover a link with Camille. But his temerity will cost him dearly: Ariadne will be kidnapped by Jacob …

While the latter goes to wall her up in a room, Ariadne’s colleagues find her vehicle and her abandoned papers, and do everything to try to save her. Questioned by the police and urged by Emma to tell the truth, Camille will end up admitting to having seen Jacob again.

However, is the latter at the origin of the three murders that shook the Mistral? What are the reasons that could have pushed his former captor to commit the worst by kidnapping a policewoman? Will Camille’s confession be enough to save Ariane in time? To be continued in the next episodes of Plus Belle la vie …

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