PlayStation: these franchises have changed the destiny of the brand

PlayStation: these franchises have changed the destiny of the brand

If PlayStation had not had these two completely iconic licenses, the success would not have been the same according to Shuhei Yoshida. Back to a period when the leader had to prove himself.

28 years after the launch of the PlayStation 1, Shuhei Yoshida, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios, returned to the beginnings of the manufacturer.

“Sell a Million and Come Back”

At the Bilbao International Games Conference where he received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Shuhei Yoshida, who has always been a key pillar of PlayStation, looked back to a time when the manufacturer’s success was far from complete. be acquired as today. At that time, it was rather SEGA and Nintendo which indeed made the rain and the good weather.

He remembers the iconic T-Rex tech demo which served as a business card to convince companies of different sizes to bet on the PS1. A relative failure since some responded to Sony: “come back when you’ve sold a million units of PlayStation”.

This has become our internal objective. The marketing department even created a television commercial with the slogan “we will sell a million units”. And we did (laughs). We then returned to the publisher.

Shuhei Yoshida via gamereactor.

Japan to the rescue of PlayStation

But even with these sales, it was not enough. Struggling in Japan, PlayStation was saved by two legendary JRPGs from Square Enix, Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.

The SEGA Saturn had a really strong second Christmas (thanks to Virtua Fighter 2 and another blockbuster). We didn’t have a solid line-up, so we were struggling a bit in Japan. But luckily in the US and Europe we had other strong titles and the launch went very well. But that all changed the day we convinced SquareSoft when I was in the third-party vendor relations department. At that time, SquareSoft and Enix were two separate companies. Square had Final Fantasy and Enix Dragon Quest, the two biggest RPG franchises in Japan. Behind the scenes it was discussing things I can’t reveal, but both entities are committed to bringing their new games to PlayStation. And that was a complete game-changer for us. Finally, we had the games we needed to make PS a success.

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