PlayStation Stars: those who pay will be repaired before the others

PlayStation Stars: those who pay will be repaired before the others

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program is already controversial in the land of the Rising Sun. In question, priority access to Sony customer service with very limited conditions.

On paper, the PlayStation Stars loyalty program, which lets you earn money and gifts on PS5 & PS4, has it all. But there is a wolf (a big one).

A first controversy for the PlayStation Stars program

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program will be launched in October, but there are already criticisms. By going to the japanese portal of this novelty, the inhabitants of the archipelago fell from above.

PS Stars includes Statuses which are comparable to Trophies in the idea of ​​progression. In all, there are four levels numbered according to your purchases, with each stage increasing bonuses. That’s perfectly normal and what Microsoft Rewards applies. On the other hand, level 4 hides a favor that does not pass.

Indeed, to be able to easily contact the PlayStation customer service by being a priority, it will take 128 rare trophies… and having bought 4 complete games. Depending on your profile, you will therefore have to wait with a little music on hold for your problem. ” When you contact PlayStation Customer Service, you will be given priority in the order of discussions » (via PlayStation Japan).

Japanese players were quick to rebel on Twitter as noted by our colleagues from VGC.

Customer service should be equal. There are people who only like and play a few titles. Other players don’t have the financial means or the time.


If you level up based on your time or whatever, that’s fine. But conditioning that on what you spend is unlikely to get good press.


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