PlayStation Stars: even more gifts on PS5 for the best players?

The new loyalty program on PS5 and PS4, PlayStation Stars, has leaked important information despite itself.

The PlayStation Stars would have a prestigious level 5

As mentioned in our article to know everything about PlayStation Stars, the free loyalty program currently has four levels of “Status”. But according to a datamining of the PS App, the PlayStation mobile application, there would be a final level accessible only by invitation. A level 5 “Diamond” reserved for the “elite”? It looks like it.

Here is the description of this Status 5 “Bots Don’t Breathe”:

In an endless ocean of stars, there seems to be no place to hide. But you wouldn’t be here if you let such challenges stop you. Welcome to Level 5.

Below is a leaked image that would be associated with this hidden third party. We see the adorable mascot of the games Astro Bot Rescue Mission, Astro’s Playroom etc. from Team Asobi.

PS Stars tier 5

Upon unlocking Diamond Status, players should see a animated trophy. The details to reach it are still secret, but if it resumes the initial operation, then it might be necessary to buy more than 4 full games and win more than 128 trophies of higher rarity than Normal. But Sony must have prepared a slightly more complicated progression to offer more “prestigious” gifts? We should soon have the end of the story, hoping that it is not just a simple place even more priority in the after-sales service queue.

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