PlayStation: Sony invents clothing sold as a kit

Soon PlayStation clothing available in kit / DLC? Sony has a solution that is unusual to say the least and wants to protect its find. Name of zeus!

Sony, like any other company, is constantly researching new concepts. In the years to come, the PS5, PS6, or other model, might have features to keep you from losing stupidly, getting stuck, or even making gaming easier.

But the Japanese firm is also working on an idea that concerns fashion and its PlayStation brand.

The Future of Fashion by PlayStation

The future, for now, is a bit overrated. No flying cars, no real hoverboards and even less rehydrated pizzas or other self-drying and readjusting jackets. But Sony still has an idea in mind that can make you think about it.

The Japanese company has filed a new patent for fully customizable PlayStation clothing. How ? With detachable elements such as the collar, the cuffs or the hood, enough to go from a hoodie to a simple sweatshirt for example. In short, kit clothes that can be transformed as desired. But there is much more.

PlayStation: Sony invents clothing sold as a kit

PlayStation clothing would have the particularity of having flexible screens integrated into the fabric directly. What interest ? Being able to renew the design of these on the fly thanks to wireless technology, without “buying everything back”.

Imagine you have Kratos from God of War Ragnarok on the front of a sweater (t-shirt etc.) and for some reason you’d rather show off your love for Ellie than The Last of Us Part 1. With a simple tap, press of a button or using an application, you will be able to do it. If the hood of your hoodie is lowered or raised, it will also be possible to have a totally different display by configuring the desired illustrations for these two scenarios in advance. The change will then be automatic.

New designs would be unlockable when playing games on a PlayStation console, or could be purchased as DLC from the PS Store. The patent also stipulates that models be reserved for special events such as esport competitions. Obviously, we remind you that this document in no way represents a finished product that we are sure to see released in X years.

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