PlayStation: Nintendo is (always) stronger than you

PlayStation: Nintendo is (always) stronger than you

In the little game of console sales rivalry, Sony and its PS4 have just lost the match. Despite its cardboard, the PlayStation 4 will never do as well as the PS2 or Nintendo machines like the Switch.

While the killing of the PS4 is more or less recorded, PlayStation makes a new decision. Sales figures will no longer be published, so the console will not be the manufacturer’s best-selling machine. Even Nintendo will pass!

PlayStation vs. Nintendo: Fight!

In the field of the best-selling consoles of all time, there are systematically two manufacturers who pass the buck: PlayStation and Nintendo. And unfortunately for Sony, it will have to give way this time.

Now, Sony will no longer provide PS4 sales and so the counters are off. As of March 31, 2022, the PlayStation 4 has sold around 117.2 million units. A huge success that places it in the top 4 of the most popular consoles, but not enough to reach the 155+ million of the PS2. The Nintendo Switch being at 111.08 million consoles sold, it will pass in front of the PS4 without forcing too much normally.

PlayStation 2 aside, only the Nintendo DS and Game Boy / Game Boy Color managed to truly stand out.

Top 10 best-selling consoles of all time

  1. PS2: more than 155 million
  2. NintendoDS: 154.02 million
  3. Game Boy & Game Boy Color: 118.69 million
  4. PS4: 117.2 million
  5. Nintendo Switch: 111.08 million
  6. PS: 102.49 million
  7. Wii: 101.63 million
  8. PS3: more than 87.4 million
  9. Xbox 360: more than 84 million
  10. Game Boy Advance: 81.51 million

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