PlayStation: half of the games arrive on PC and mobiles, including the excluded PS5 Returnal?

Now that the machine is launched, PlayStation will multiply the releases of its games on PC and on mobiles. The excluded PS5 Returnal has also been detected in the database Steam.

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s investment in the PC market has been obvious for several months. But there, the manufacturer crosses a course with a strong announcement. In the medium term, the goal is to have half of PlayStation games on PC and mobile.

PlayStation takes on PC and mobiles

In 2021, SIE announced the acquisition of Nixxes with one goal: to flood the PC with its games. So much so that a PlayStation PC label was created specifically for it. If we were also aware of the manufacturer’s desire to accelerate its new strategy, we now have a more precise vision of the objectives to be fulfilled.

In a recent presentation to shareholders, the Japanese firm revealed want to release half of its PlayStation exclusives on PC and mobiles. The other half being represented by the PS5.

Excluded PS5 on PC

Historically, PS Studios has been wonderfully successful in its business of delivering a solid portfolio of story-driven, graphically beautiful single-player games. But there is no doubt that we have limited ourselves to a very narrow portion of the market. By opening up to PC and mobile, and it must be said… also to service games, we have the opportunity to move from a situation where we are present on a very small segment of the video game market, to a presence almost everywhere. I think if we do it right, if we execute things with intelligence and excellence, the possibilities of growing the number of people who play our games, the number of people who enjoy them and spend money on acquire them, are exponentially large.

Jim Ryan, CEO and President of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

The excluded PS5 Returnal on PC soon?

On the other hand, no word on the pace of releases. Will the group “sacrifice” its excluded by releasing them day one on PC? This is not what we observe today. And Shawn Layden, former president of Sony Worldwide Studios, doesn’t believe it either. For the moment, what is taking shape is that PlayStation is waiting for sales to be calmer to relaunch them through a “second” PC launch.

In this regard, Returnal could be the next port since it has been seen on SteamDB. A surprise that is not really one. Indeed, it was one of the titles listed in the Nvidia leak alongside God of War. And as we know, this listing was ultimately accurate for many apps.

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