PlayStation buys a new studio and it will not only make people happy

PlayStation buys a new studio and it will not only make people happy

PlayStation announces the acquisition of a new studio. It’s not a big name in the industry, but it should raise some teeth regardless. Yes, it’s about mobile gaming and that’s enough to worry some gamers.

The PlayStation Studios family is growing. Sony announced early the acquisition of a new studio. It is neither EA nor FromSoftware, but a more confidential developer specializing in a vertical that is not appreciated by many players.

PlayStation buys Savage Game Studios

Welcome Savage Game Studios to the PlayStation Studios family tweeted the blue brand on its social networks this morning. Founded a few years ago, the studio specializing in the development of mobile games will consolidate Sony’s efforts in this sector. “ We share their quest for continuous innovation, as well as the desire to expand our audience and welcome more and more people to the PlayStation universe. This team has thus established itself as an ideal choice to expand the PlayStation Studios family. “Explains the Japanese company in its official press release. The definitive agreement regarding the acquisition of Savage Game Studios has been signed.

Savage Game Studios is already working on an undisclosed AAA action game for smartphones. The new member of the family should also draw on the brand’s strong licenses in the future. Aware that the term “mobile game” will immediately cause some teeth to cringe, Sony takes the lead and recalls that this will have no impact on the development of PS5 and PS4 games. ” Our activities beyond the world of consoles in no way diminish our dedication to the PlayStation community, or our passion for creating exceptional single-player narrative experiences. Sony is therefore continuing its diversification efforts. The Japanese company had already announced that half of the games would arrive on PC and mobile.

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