Playing Flight Simulator in Flight Simulator…it’s possible!

Playing Flight Simulator in Flight's possible!

The anniversary update of Flight Simulator which is a real monster also offers some small surprises like this charming nod to veterans.

The biggest update for Flight Simulatorr is now available to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the saga, which, let’s remember, was born in 1982 already. It is in this very particular context that the developers at Asobo had the good idea to slip in a fun easter egg.

Retro gaming in Flight Simulator

It’s on the official YouTube channel of Tom Warrenjournalist at The Verge that we can find the information about the new update of flight simulator :

Obviously all this is a bit “secret” so you had to be cunning to discover this nice surprise. For this you have to board the DA62 plane. Then just switch to subjective view, then put the ELT control (located on the right of the panel) in the ON position. It is then that the edge screen will display a new screen, allowing to display the game flight simulator of his choice among episode 1,2,3 and 4. Obviously, these are indeed the complete versions of the said games.

A welcome addition that once again reminds us that this is an old license. This should satisfy the old and allow the new to discover a monument of retro video games even if the screen to play it is clearly a bit small. flight simulator 1 probably deserves a little better.

For the rest of the content, we advise you to read our news on the issue. In particular, you can find there beautiful and new cult planes which have forged the history of aeronautics as well as aerodromes which have a very particular importance. flight simulator is available on PC and Xbox Series.

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