Perfect Dark: a game in trouble? Not for Xbox

Perfect Dark: a game in trouble? Not for Xbox

Since its first formalization in 2020, Perfect Dark has never shown any gameplay. And while we have witnessed an exodus of developers, for Xbox who spoke on the subject, everything is fine.

The Initiative announced in 2020 to be on a reboot of Perfect Dark. A CGI teaser that was not followed by any gameplay video. From then on, the players were worried and serious sources were not reassuring. Microsoft opts for another narrative.

Perfect Dark: Problems? Which problems ?

The latest news from Perfect Dark was anything but encouraging. But before coming back to it, the boss of Microsoft Studios, Matt Botty, gave his version. He wanted to insist on the fact that the arrival of Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider) as reinforcements was not the sign of a stormy development.

The way games are created is changing. The idea of ​​a single team under the same roof is no longer relevant. We just did this big partnership with Crystal Dynamics and I read on the internet that that meant there was a problem. It’s quite the opposite.

You have these veterans at Crystal Dynamics, a large team with over a hundred people working on AAAs and becoming available. Of course we want to collaborate with them, especially if they’ve made a game like this before.

Matt Booty, head of Microsoft Studios, via PAX West Twitch and Eurogamer

Basically, yes, with the scale of games today, it makes sense to see several companies join forces. Nevertheless, the facts and the rumors of the hallway are hidden here.

The Initiative has lost half of its developers

Since its creation in 2018, The Initiative has seen its payroll melt like snow in the sun. In March 2022, according to VGC, the studio only accommodates around 50 people. In the lot, Drew Murray who quickly returned to Insomniac Games or the game director Dan Neuburger who left.

Internal management would have been more than laborious and the people who were interviewed by VGC clearly highlighted these structural problems. The latter also blaming Xbox management for not having done anything or not enough. Add to that that we haven’t seen any bits of gameplay, that’s why players are asking questions.

If the help of Crystal Dynamics will surely relaunch the machine, this may have an impact on the release date. It wouldn’t be for now because the game could be completely rebooted.

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