Paranormal Activity 7: Jason Blum gives news of the reboot


The franchise “Paranormal Activity” continues to breathe and will even offer a new start with a reboot. Producer Jason Blum evokes this seventh film and announces that something new will be on the program.

Paranormal Activity goes through the reboot box

During the second part of the 2000s, horror cinema saw one of its branches take on a crazy scale. Found footage is becoming fashionable, with the combined success of , Cloverfield and Paranormal Activity. The last of this trio followed in the footsteps of Blair Witch Project by signing a crazy commercial success when his budget was totally derisory. Shot for just $ 15,000, it grossed over $ 190 million at the global box office. The film assembles fake “true pictures“tours by a family during their nights to find out if their house is a victim of paranormal phenomena.

This exceptional profitability will obviously give the desire to insist to the producer Jason Blum. Sequels in spades will come out. Interest crumbles over time but the franchise is not yet at a standstill sincea new film will arrive directly on Paramount + before the end of the current year. Paranormal Activity 7 will not be a sequel but a reboot. Still with Jason Blum in production, the feature film is directed by William Eubank to whom we owe the good surprise Underwater.

Katie (Katie Featherston) – Paranormal Activity © Paramount Pictures

What to expect from the new film?

As far as possible, the interest is to initiate a new dynamic. On the form, we should stay on found footage. In a discussion with Collider, Jason Blum explained that the movie was over and that he thought, before doing so, that the franchise was at its end. To continue it was above all an idea of ​​Paramount.

I really encouraged all of the creative people involved to think of something new. A lot of people who are going to see the new Paranormal Activity were 3 years old when the first one came out, so they don’t know what those older movies are. I thought if we had to do it again, we had to do it better, not extend what we have been doing all these years.

Words that do not advance us any further on the direction taken by the scenario of this new mount. How to bring reinvention in these stories of spirits? What a reboot will fundamentally bring to the recipe Paranormal Activity ? The springs of found footage and franchise are now known. The very first film worked well because it brought a certain wind of freshness in its time. This time we will have to adapt to the cinema of our time. We are really curious to see how the team managed to make this new start justified. Of course, this project is suspected of being the potential starting point for a series of films.

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