Overwatch 2 : you can finally play it! A nice surprise announced

No more endless queues and disconnections! Overwatch 2 is finally playable for everyone. A surprise is announced for the opening ceremony of TwitchCon.

The failed launch ofOverwatch 2 soon behind him? Two days after the launch of free-to-play, Blizzard has finally managed to stabilize the servers in order to welcome everyone.

No more queues in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 was unavailable that night. The game was made inaccessible from midnight in order to carry out maintenance. A blessing in disguise, as it allowed teams to fix bugs related to account merging, logins, and new player issues. Above all, Blizzard has updated the capacity of its servers in order to put an end to endless waiting lists and untimely disconnections. PC players will no doubt be asked to update their launcher this morning to overcome the crashes and black screens that have been rife so far.

We did a little test on our side and the contrast is clear. The game starts in one minute without any queues. Good news therefore for those who had been discouraged by the long minutes or even hours of waiting to end up sometimes being turned down at the entrance. In addition to these life-saving fixes, Blizzard has announced a nice surprise that isn’t really one. Kiriko’s short film which leaked a few weeks ago will finally be revealed. The appointment is given tonight at midnight sharp on the occasion of the opening ceremony of TwitchCon.

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