Overwatch 2 victim of a big surprising leak, with an ultra classy hero

Overwatch 2 victim of a big surprising leak, with an ultra classy hero

Another blow for Blizzard. This week, the American firm has already had to suffer a leaked which raised a controversy around the new heroes. In the evening of yesterday, it is downright the next animated short film ofOverwatch 2 which was unveiled before the hour with a leak of a new kind.

Meet Kiriko, the new heroine ofOverwatch 2

Kiriko reveals herself in advance and unexpectedly. The next heroineOverwatch 2 can obviously be unlocked via the free Battle Pass when free-to-play is released. If only his name had inadvertently ended up on the Web, it was downright his entire short film that went on YouTube yesterday. A surprising leak, to say the least, coming from the Spanish localization branch in charge of translating and correcting the lip synchronization of the video.

Blizzard quickly had the video removed fromOverwatch 2, but some excerpts are still visible. As fans had discovered, Kiriko is intimately tied to fox symbolism. According to this short film, this support hero should be able to heal his allies, even revive them, while being able to teleport. She will fight with two daggers, which could possibly be thrown like with Genji.

the leaked has quickly made the rounds of the community and for once it is rather receptive: the design, the story and the potential capacities of Kiriko have already charmed them. Obviously remains to be seen what it will give in game, but the short film ofOverwatch 2 well polished, and well class let’s face it, has already won over some of the fans. See you in the coming weeks to learn more.

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