Overwatch 2 : the next legendary skins have leaked, it’s canon

Overwatch 2 : the next legendary skins have leaked, it's canon

With launch issues now fixed, Blizzard can look more confidently to the future ofOverwatch 2. While Season 1 will be in full swing for a few more months, some characters’ upcoming legendary outfits have been revealed ahead of time.

Legendary skins fromOverwatch 2 disclosed in advance

The cosmetic contents ofOverwatch 2 are at the heart of a controversy. Several fans calculated how much time or money it would take to unlock all of the outfits and other items acquired in the first installment. The answer can be counted in centuries and thousands of dollars. Never mind, Blizzard intends to satisfy the most relentless players and those ready to put their hands in the wallet with a whole bunch of legendary skins. Like that of Chopper currently available in the store for a limited time, almost all of them will focus on Cyberpunk, the theme of Season 1 and its Battle Pass.

New futuristic legendary skins fromOverwatch 2 therefore arrive for Widowmaker, Hanzo and Zenyatta. We can also see other outfits in the video, such as Jackal in a suit or Private 76 with an eye patch. The players are visibly satisfied with the design of these future cosmetic objects, but especially regret to see that they were not included from the outset in the Battle Pass, paying as free. It will therefore be imperative to go to the cash desk, because it is currently impossible to collect the 1900 credits requested in time.

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