Overwatch 2 : the long-awaited mode is coming soon! We finally have some news

Overwatch 2 : the long-awaited mode is coming soon! We finally have some news

Overwatch 2 gives news of one of the most anticipated modes which was also planned at launch. It’s coming soon!

While he is currently celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rabbit with a big event, Overwatch 2 returned to give news of a mode highly anticipated by a large part of the community. But the development took longer than expected, in particular because of the disaster release of the game and the fact of having split the experience into two parts. A “difficult” but “necessary” choice according to Aaron Keller, director ofOverwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 will soon have a new game mode

We are of course talking here about the famous single-player mode, a narrative campaign that should have arrived at the same time as the free-to-play release ofOverwatch 2, but ultimately took a back seat for a while. Asked by NME, Aaron Keller came to give us some news about this single-player campaign. According to him, the team is passionate, the development is going well, but turns out to be longer than expected. However, there is still very good news in all of this.

We found ourselves in a situation where we couldn’t publish all the content we had created for Overwatch 2 before the campaign is over. Development was going slower than we would have liked. We can now go much deeper, not only with the characters in the universe, but also with all the big events that take place in it. This is something that the team is very passionate about. Overwatch has a bright, hopeful and very inspiring future.


The lore finally expanded as it should be?

In short, the campaign should not only make us discover the major events that have marked the history ofOverwatch, which have more or less been treated during the various short films shared by Blizzard in recent years, but also to discover more in depth the heroes that we play. The lore is obviously something very important for the studio. Overwatch 2 could quite seduce the most skeptical if the single player campaign is up to par, in any case, the universe lends itself to it rather well.

According to Aaron Keller, the campaignOverwatch 2 will arrive in dribs and drabs from the end of this year, and will then spread out in 2024. We do not yet really know in what form it will land, or even if it will be paid for or free. As of today, nothing has been decided yet.

As a reminder, Overwatch 2 is currently available for free on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, Switch PS4 and Xbox One, but only has its multiplayer component, which is already well supplied. Big changes are also expected for season 3 which will start in February.

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