Overwatch 2 : the Halloween event turns into a nightmare for some players

Overwatch 2 : the Halloween event turns into a nightmare for some players

The first seasonal event ofOverwatch 2 is there, and the controversy around the economic model is relaunched again. Like many service games, Blizzard’s FPS launched its Halloween vent and new outfits and other cosmetic items with it. The problem is that they are all available in the OW 2 store and their price is giving players gagging.

The Halloween event and its overpriced skins

From October 25 to November 8, the 25 million players ofOverwatch 2 can experience a taste of PVE with the Halloween event. More lootboxes to try and win new outfits, nothing in the Battle Pass, everything happens in the store much to the dismay of fans. Everything is bought with coins Overwatch, a new in-game currency that is terribly difficult to obtain without putting your hand in your wallet. This new process scandalizes the players on two points: the price and the impossibility of buying an outfit individually.

Take the example of the star: Kiriko. His Halloween skin can indeed only be obtained via a monetized pack of 2600 coins or around 26 euros. Can’t get it any other way or individually, and yet the pack is currently “on sale” and would cost 3700 OW Coins otherwise. ” I would have much less problems with the monetization ofOverwatch 2 if all outfits could be purchased separately for 1900 coins. This is only the case for some. With this Kiriko skin stuck in a 26€ bundle, I know what they are doing and why “says a player.

The business model ofOverwatch 2 problematic

As some fans point out, the prices set by Blizzard seem “disconnected fromOverwatch 2 and its free-to-play model. “Vou would make a lot more money by making skins available for individual purchase “says a fan frustrated to have to pay more than necessary. Other diehards complain about the lack of quality content obtainable for free and therefore about the interest of playing during seasonal events.

Overwatch 1 and its system of lootboxes indeed allowed to win a plethora of content just by playing. It was random, sure, but it kept players coming to try out the Halloween event and rewarded them in a way fans thought was more generous. ” Why not have an event-based Battle Pass? asks another person. Paid or free, it would indeed make it possible to obtain more content in a healthier way.

We knew it, the change of economic model was bound to be accompanied by microtransactions, but none of the veterans of the game could imagine that Blizzard would push them so much towards the purchase. We recall that a calculation has for example shown that it would take three centuries to hope to unlock the content of the first game. It will now also be necessary to take into account the seasonal skins and their prices in bundle which sting.

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