Overwatch 2 : more free content and big changes to come

If his chaotic launch is behind him, Overwatch 2 is often under heavy criticism. Quality of cosmetics, economic model, battle pass and content of events are all elements that have been pointed out by the players. A recent survey suggested a glimmer of hope: change for microtransactions. Today, Blizzard confirms having listened to the feedback and is preparing to make some changes.

change for Overwatch 2

Changes are coming in Overwatch 2. Following player feedback on different axes, Blizzard announces upcoming improvements. In the short term as in the long term, some welcome changes to the way the rewards and the battle pass will work are planned. Starting in Season 2, the rewards will change so that each event has a template that can be unlocked just by playing. And this in addition to the other ornamental objects usually offered.

An announcement that follows players’ complaints about the Halloween event ofOverwatch 2. The latter did not offer anything free except for a few lines of dialogue and honorary titles. The only exclusive outfit at the vent was locked in a bundle sold for around 26 euros. Free content will also arrive regularly via the Drops program on Twitch. ” We want future seasons to be more rewarding than Season 1 as we work on our long-term plans. “, explains Jared Neuss, new executive producer ofOverwatch 2.

Overwatch 2  roadmap
Roadmap ofOverwatch 2

The biggest changes will nevertheless be made from season 3. Changes will indeed be made to the Battle Pass, without it being known which ones. Blizzard has nevertheless claimed its desire to refocus the progression systems towards the game while offering more interesting challenges. ” We’ll be able to tell you about some of these changes soon, but others will take a little longer. “, specifies the press release. Blizzard admits it’s not entirely happy with the current model, but wants to strike a good balance between what they like and what players would like to see.

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