Overwatch 2 : here is a trick to buy skins without playing the game

Overwatch 2 : here is a trick to buy skins without playing the game

In turmoil since its disaster exit, Overwatch 2 hasn’t finished surprising us yet with this recent discovery allowing you to have skins without playing the game.

Overwatch 2 was released recently and has not stopped being talked about ever since. Chaotic launch, sequel that is not one, free to play model far from being to everyone’s taste, etc. It is this last point that comes back to the charge today, since a clever little guy has found an alternative solution to earn money in the game.

have skins Overwatch 2 without playing the game? It’s possible !

Yes, it is indeed possible to earn coins Overwatch 2 (in-game money) without playing it, and even faster than playing it.

The trick? Exchange your World of Warcraft tokens for money on Battle.net, then buy cosmetics Overwatch 2 with. The option is not new since it is available from the Myst of Pandaria expansion and allows players to get their hands on months of subscriptions, or items from the Battle.net store, simply by playing their MMO at no additional cost.

But this trick will also require a lot of time and a little money beforehand since getting your hands on tokens in World of Warcraft is not free. Not only do you need to have a subscription to Blizzard’s famous MMO, but as a bonus, you’ll have to farm in-game to collect gold and exchange it for tokens, before trading them for real money.

World of Warcraft gold for cosmetics Overwatch

Only here, as explained on Reddit by the player who made the discovery, it will not be within everyone’s reach and will require investment. Especially since the gold price of tokens can sometimes soar (between 150,000 and 350,000 gold coins on average) due to supply and demand, which represents a hell of a sum for a lambda player. In addition, the token conversion rate is not crazy (1 token is worth a little less than 15 euros).

But for players with full purses in World of Warcraft, or those who simply play for gold, this cheat makes it possible to get your hands on cosmetic content more quickly.Overwatch 2 only by playing it by completing the weekly challenges.

Since, as a reminder, this is the one and only method that currently exists to earn coins Overwatch and unlock free content. And it can be extremely long since you can only earn a little less than one euro each week when most cosmetics cost between 10 and 20 euros on average.

World of Warcraft has a system to buy a token with in-game gold and convert it into Battle.net balance (13 euros = 1 token). The conversion rate isn’t very high, and unless you’re very good at gold farming or are fully invested in the game, it can take a while to earn enough gold.

But, that’s still way, way more than the 90 cents a week that Blizzard gives players with their weekly challenges. So I find it hilarious that you can unlock OW 2 skins so much faster by literally playing another game, than by playing Overwatch 2.


For the most impatient, there remains the solution of getting your hands on the wallet, but the bill can quickly be salty for collectors and that is what makes players angry. It remains to be seen if Blizzard will implement new free ways to more easily earn some cosmetics, but this…

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