Overwatch 2 : console players have to learn to shoot and they are disgusted

Overwatch 2 : console players have to learn to shoot and they are disgusted

Overwatch 2 is still struggling to recover from its chaotic launch. Ten days later, the game still has several problems. Just yesterday, the multiplayer FPS was once again plagued with server issues following a maintenance and update. What is talking about at the moment on the discussion spaces, however, is the absence of a functionality on consoles in the games crossplay.

Console gamersOverwatch 2 reassembled

Like many modern productions, Overwatch 2 allows players from different platforms to come together and compete against each other. A marriage that sometimes pushes the developers to make some changes so that everyone is on an equal footing. For his free-to-playBlizzard has completely removed assisted aiming on consoles during matches in cross play. A decision that is debated within the community, and discontent begins to rise among PlayStation and Xbox players.

On Reddit, the “console” complained strongly. They believe that they are already at a disadvantage against PC players when aim assist is activated. They invoke the pinpoint accuracy of the sacrosanct keyboard/mouse combo, which they cannot compete against if the feature is taken away from them. Conversely, those on PC believe that it precisely assists the players concerned too much during matches, but they refuse to have a aim assist on their side. A controversy which, on the other hand, does not concern the competitive aspect ofOverwatch 2because it is impossible to compete in ranked between PC user and console players. It helps put things into perspective, but the community seems very divided on the subject, which is also debated in other productions of the genre.

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