Overwatch 2 blocks two heroes and accidentally breaks the game

Overwatch 2 blocks two heroes and accidentally breaks the game

Overwatch 2 again attracted the wrath of the players this night. While trying to fix a bug, Blizzard made the game “unplayable” for some people.

When it doesn’t want… When Blizzard solves a problem, others point the tip of their nose. A few hours ago, two characters fromOverwatch 2 were bugged. Torbjörn whose Overload ability lasted twice as long and especially Bastion, who could fire endlessly with his ultimate. Suffice to say that some clever people have used and abused it. The publisher took matters into his own hands and decided to put these two characters in the garage while they were retyped. Except that not everything went as planned.

Two characters stuck on Overwatch 2

The server problems solved, the controversy around the SMS protection system extinguished, all the lights could have been green for Overwatch 2. This was without counting on a Bastion bug that allowed you to use your ult in a roundabout way to kill most of a team. The problem was quickly escalated to Blizzard who announced that the devastating robot as well as Torbjörn would be temporarily unavailable, the time to correct their respective concerns.

The Tinkerer Dwarf is still playable in Quick Match, while Bastion has been removed from all game modes. The problem is that they are not the only ones that have been blocked. Inadvertently, Blizzard has also cut off access to several other characters. Kiriko, Ashe, D.Va, Chopper, Junkrat or even Cassidy were indeed affected. In short, all of the heroes that need to be unlocked by new players have been made unavailable to a large portion of veterans. Like that, all at once and for several hours.

Players quickly raised their voices and Blizzard performed an emergency maintenance ofOverwatch 2 in the night. Since then, the problem has been corrected and everything is back to normal, but the catastrophic launch of the game does not seem to be over. Especially since some players are still waiting to be reimbursed for credits spent without their knowledge. As for Bastion and Torbjörn, they are still blocked for the moment. Blizzard will communicate when they are available again.

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