Overwatch 2 : big changes coming for microtransactions?

Overwatch 2 : big changes coming for microtransactions?

Blizzard may investigate player complaints in the near future. The American publisher could review its microtransactions and its economic model.

Server issues are now a distant memory, Overwatch 2 is often at the heart of controversy. In the sights of the players, the economic model of the free-to-play deemed unhealthy by the community. A calculation has revealed that it would take no less than three centuries to unlock all of its content acquired for free in the first game. Players’ cries for help don’t seem to be falling on deaf ears and Blizzard could be working on changes. for microtransactions and the Battle Pass.

Upcoming changes to the business model ofOverwatch 2 ?

The Halloween event continues to be in full swing in Overwatch 2. Players had the bad surprise to discover that the most attractive seasonal skins will have to be purchased in bundles that cost a whopping 26 euros. Some outfits can be obtained via OW coins which are particularly difficult to obtain naturally, so having 1900 under your elbow for each skin means that you have to take out the credit card. The community has shown itself to be particularly resistant to this new, rather uninviting economic model. Blizzard nevertheless seems ready to make some changes. The publisher has indeed sent a survey to several regular players to take the temperature on the microtransactions, the store and the Battle Pass ofOverwatch 2.

In other words, the developers could tweak these mechanics to be more in line with community expectations. Nothing is set in stone though and if there were to be any changes they wouldn’t happen for a while. The balancing of the heroes will only be effective from the season, while the PvE, big novelty of this shutter, will not arrive before 2023. The hope of a monetization ofOverwatch 2 healthier is not lost, however. To be continued…

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