Overwatch 2 : another skin that makes players angry

Definitely the players ofOverwatch 2 have the impression of being considered pigeons with the addition of this new skin, which is controversial.

Recently, Blizzard added the skin Mime Moira at Overwatch 2, selling it as part of a bundle that includes new sprays and emotes. The skin itself adds a mime hat to Moira’s character, recolors her outfit a bit, and adds face paint, a change that most players would classify as an epic skin.

A full price skin that does not pass on Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2
The Moira Skin in question

But Blizzard does not hear it that way and baptizes the whole legendary skin by charging 20 dollars (3200 coins Overwatch) even if currently a discount for Black Friday can greatly reduce the price by almost half. It is strangely reminiscent of another case when launchingOverwatch 2 and the existence of a skin for the Kiriko character which was also billed at $20 for a simple color change. It’s a story…

In any case, marketing has a bright future ahead of it. In a different genre but on the same principle, there was little talk of a skin for Counter-Strike Global Offensive at $400,000. Since the players are ready to do anything to differentiate themselves, despite the anger, some will surely crack.

What do you think of adding skin Overwatch 2 at this price?

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