Overwatch 2 : a scam for players? Crazy numbers

The switch to free-to-play ofOverwatch 2 at the beginning of the month is accompanied by radical changes in its business model. The multiplayer FPS has swapped its system of lootboxes for two Battle Passes (one paid, one free) and cosmetics to buy with the currency in-game. Players of the first opus were able to recover all of their items, including the legendary skins collected for free. For new players, on the other hand, it would take ages to hope to get the same thing without paying a penny. And if they wanted to go to the checkout, it would be necessary to blow up his bank account.

An abusive economic model in Overwatch 2 ?

Free-to-play has become one of the juiciest business models for developers. While offering regular content and free rewards, the studios manage to make millions from those who want to get cosmetic items faster. A format adopted by Overwatch 2 since its catastrophic launch, and which has been scrutinized by several players. The observation is final for them, the model adopted is considered unhealthy by the community.

Without being pay-to-win like Diablo Immortal, the title is considered abusive in its way of unlocking new outfits and other objects. From grindfrom grind and more grind. It would take ages to hope to get all the skins for freeOverwatch 2. To unlock them, you have to buy Coins. Overwatch, a new rare currency that can only be obtained by completing weekly challenges (max 60 coins per week). It is of course possible to proceed to the checkout. 500 coins cost 5 euros, while a legendary skin requires 1000. A Reddit user calculated how much he would have to spend to hope to get all the skins he had obtained in Overwatch 1 and it is repulsive.

At least three centuries to unlock everything

With more than 254 legendary, 138 epic or even 127 classic outfits, it would take approximately more than 326 years to hope to unlock everything for free because of the mechanics put in place in Overwatch 2. A considerable figure, which only represents “the best case scenario”. It would indeed involve overcoming 17,000 weekly challenges in a row. While waiting to find the magic formula for immortality, it is also possible to checkout. So in real money terms, that means spending a whopping $10,226 to get it all. Just that.

A sum that may make gacha players smile, but which reflects the frustration of former OW players accustomed to a healthier economic model. Not to mention that the free Battle Pass is stingy in unlockables, so you have to pay around 10 euros or 1000 in-game coins.

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