Overdose: Hideo Kojima’s project leaked. You will see blurry

Overdose: Hideo Kojima's project leaked. You will see blurry

Overdose, Hideo Kojima’s alleged horror game, is the victim of a leak with two images that are currently circulating on the Web. Pay attention to the eyes.

Without an announcement from Hideo Kojima, rumors about his multiple projects are rife. Several people have reportedly got their hands on a video of Overdose, and here are the first images.

Overdose leaked before time in pictures

As Hideo Kojima gave an update on a potential takeover of his studio, footage of Overdose appeared on a private Discord used by developers outside of Kojima Productions, according to Tom Henderson (via Insider Gaming).

The photos visible in our gallery are unfortunately completely blurred. Nevertheless, there are several elements that go in the direction of the rumor. We can see a young woman with a blue outfit and a flashlight in her hand. Is it Margaret Qualley? We will trust Tom Henderson who has a habit of only getting wet if he has something concrete.

But what is Overdose? That’s the big question. The most popular theory is that it was the Stadia-denied horror game that turned into an Xbox exclusive. During the previous hallway noise, sources suggested that the title would be playable via a smartphone. Which could fit with the Xbox project dedicated to cloud gaming. The problem is that Hideo Kojima said that this title would not see the light of day for several years. If so, what is the nature of this video? Is it just a proof of concept provided to Microsoft that ended up in the wrong hands? Since there would be Margaret Qualley as the main character, would it ultimately be related to Death Stranding 2? The mystery still hangs…

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