Overdose: a new leak with gameplay. It’s gonna be scary

Overdose: a new leak with gameplay. It's gonna be scary

The huge Overdose leak continues but this time with gameplay where we see a lot more things. Hideo Kojima’s return to horror with a multiplayer concept?

Overdose managed to remain in the shadows for several months, but unfortunately for Kojima Productions, it didn’t last. Here is the gameplay video that several insiders had seen in preview.

Overdose, A Hideo Kojima Horror Game

You saw blurry yesterday with the first images of Overdose, but excerpts of “better quality” have just been broadcast. Better quality because we are still talking about a video taken with a smartphone which films a tablet reading the trailer. It’s worthy of Inception.

What do we see in this gameplay trailer? Margaret Qualley, who played Mama in Death Stranding, in a blue blouse. Of a nurse? Of patient? She walks through dark hallways with a flashlight in her hand. According to Tom Henderson, the game could also be playable in first person. But there is more.

The “twist” is that we would not control Margaret Qualley strictly speaking. Several players could cooperate in order to press in certain places and trigger interactions with her. Hence the presence of the indication “Camera Player 1” which suggests a software with a multiplayer component. On several occasions, a triangle and a red dot appear when an action is possible such as lighting a corner, relighting the lamp, etc. Towards the end, Margaret Qualley’s character is surprised by a screamer who forces her to flee. An event dictated by the title or a player? We won’t know.

This video also confirms at the same time that it is a horror game. This will please the disappointed Silent Hills PT This would be the Xbox project developed exclusively using cloud gaming, an idea refused by Stadia, and which would not see the light of day for several years. The hypothesis is that this video would be a proof of concept that ended up in the wrong hands…

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