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It is Julia Ducournau’s film “Titane”, which was chosen to be the French candidate for the 2022 Oscars ahead of its competitors “Bac Nord” and “L’Événement”.

Last week, they were three, today there is only one left: Titanium. Julia Ducournau’s feature film was thus preferred to Bac Nord, still showing, and L’Événement, due on November 24, also in the running to represent France at the next Oscars.

Worn by Agathe Rousselle and Vincent Lindon, the film shocked the last Cannes Film Festival before winning the Palme d’Or, marking the second time that a woman received the prestigious award. Released on French screens in the wake of its presentation on the Croisette in July, Titane achieved more than 300,000 admissions.

We owe the choice of this strong film to a committee made up of filmmakers Julie Delpy and Florent Zeller, producers Iris Knobloch and Alain Goldman, exporters Emilie Georges and Grégory Chambet, and three ex officio members: Thierry Frémaux, the deputy general manager of the Cannes Film Festival, Serge Toubiana, the president of Unifrance, and Elisabeth Tanner, the representative of the Académie des César.

The commission today heard from the producers, international sellers and American distributors of each shortlisted work before making its decision.

It remains to be seen whether Titanium will really be one of the 5 feature films nominated for the Oscar for Best International Film, which will be announced on February 8, 2022. Before that, it will of course have to be one of the 15 international films present. in the shortlist expected on December 21.

The 94th Academy Awards will be held on March 27, 2022 in Los Angeles.

Last year, France was not selected in the home stretch and it was Drunk (Denmark) who left with the statuette:

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