One Punch Man: The Live-Action Movie Finds a Director

One Punch Man: The Live-Action Movie Finds a Director

The film One-Punch Man in live action will therefore have the right to a renowned director since it is simply Justin Lin. The man behind Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift or even the last episode of the saga, namely Fast and Furious 9. A man who knows how to handle action films as they should be, but not only… Since he is also known for having directed a few episodes of True Detective.

One Punch Man, what about the script?

To accompany him in this always somewhat complex task of adapting a live action work, Lin can count on the duo Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner who worked on a certain Jumanji : Next Level. What to bring we hope a little quality in the narration of One Punch Man.


For the record, One Punch Man is a successful manga, to say the least, with no less than 30 million copies sold worldwide, which now also has an animated series which was a real springboard for the popularization of manga.

The story will allow us to follow the incredible adventures of Saitama, a man who decides to train for three years at the rate of 100 push-ups, 100 squats, 100 abs and 10 km of running. He then becomes so powerful that he can defeat an opponent with a single punch. To the point (it was easy this one) to get bored in life for lack of challenge.

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