One Punch Man, Spy Family: manga increases in price, explanations

One Punch Man, Spy Family: manga increases in price, explanations

If the price increase for Dragon Ball and One Piece manga goes badly, we have another bad news for you. One Punch Man editor (among others), Kurokawa, will do the same. Here are the details.

The new price list for One Punch Man, Spy x Family manga…

Like Glénat (Dragon Ball, One Piece …), Kurokawa therefore upsets the prices of its manga and not to reduce in order to restore purchasing power. No here, we see increases ranging from 5 to 60 cents on the books distributed by the publisher which will be applied from January 1, 2023.

  • One-Punch Man; Spy x Family; Call of the Night…:

Old price: from €6.60 to €6.95 / new price: €7.20

  • Me, when I reincarnate as a Slime; Goblin Slayer…

Old price: from €7.65 to €7.95 / new price: €7.95

  • The count of Monte Cristo

Old price: €8.90 / new price: €8.95

  • Noble Peasants

Old price: €9.10 / new price: €9.50

  • Pokemon The Great Adventure

Old price: 10€ / new price: 10€

  • FMA Perfect

Old price: €11.90 / new price: €11.95

  • sherlock

Old price: €12.60 / new price: €12.95

The most famous titles such as One Punch Man or Spy x Family are among the most affected.

The context of this price increase

Why this sudden price increase? As for Glénat, the global health crisis and the war in Ukraine are the two reasons behind this decision.

As you probably know, the publishing sector is strongly affected by the shortage of paper, which started at the time of the health crisis with supply difficulties and has recently increased due to the current situation in Ukraine and Russia.

This shortage has led to a sharp rise in the prices of paper and cardboard, which adds to the increase in the cost of energy and transport affecting all sectors. The current exceptional context forces us to increase some of our usual prices from January 1, 2023. We have done our best to limit this price increase, which translates into an increase of 3% on average..

Official press release from Kurokawa.

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