One Piece RED: the singer of the film booed and harassed by the French

One Piece RED: the singer of the film booed and harassed by the French

If One Piece RED is very well received by critics and fans, it is not unanimous. And it is the singer Ado who pays the price. The 19-year-old artist has to deal with hate comments partly from the French community.

It’s the big day for all French fans of Eiichirō Oda’s manga. Today, the film One Piece RED is released in all French cinemas. In this new adventure, Luffy and his crew are going to attend a renowned music festival. The ultra-popular singer Uta, daughter of Shanks, will take the stage for the first time. With such a synopsis it is obvious that there will be songs. But some French “fans” attack the interpreter of the character for this reason.

One Piece RED singer faces wave of harassment

There were not only overflows at the previews of One Piece RED. The first broadcasts of the film turned into a disaster because of the behavior of some spectators, who ruined sessions for those who just wanted to have a good time. In several rooms, notably at the Grand Rex, some also booed the passages of Uta, whose music is interpreted by the Japanese singer Ado. In Bordeaux, disgruntled people even went so far as to set off the fire alarm because they were not satisfied with these musical moments linked to the character’s power.

Then followed a wave of harassment on social networks, led in part by these French “fans”. The teen singer had to endure a huge wave of criticism and insults in the hours following the previews of One Piece RED. In Japan, the film is also the victim of review bombing because some people don’t like Uta’s character and/or Ado’s songs.

A success in theaters as on Spotify

The next day, the 19-year-old musician wrote a Tweet “ i am human which many netizens interpreted as a direct reaction to the negative feedback. However, it doesn’t seem to be related. Fortunately, these comments were quickly drowned out by more positive and supportive messages. “ I’m really happy that many people, not only in Japan, have listened to my music. Thank you from the heart “, she said in a Tweet published on August 9.

His titles have been a hit on Spotify since the release of One Piece RED in cinemas. A success that the film also meets. The manga adaptation already has 1.06 billion yen (about 7.7 million euros) on its first day of release in Japan. He even became the 3e highest-grossing film in Japanese box office history

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