One Piece RED: a wasted session almost ended in the settlement of scores

One Piece RED: a wasted session almost ended in the settlement of scores

The release of the movie One Piece RED continues to be talked about. The French previews had been marked by outbursts and behavior that had spoiled several sessions in France. And it continues even after the official launch in all dark rooms.

A One Piece RED session could have ended badly

One Piece RED is a hit at the box office. From its first day of launch, the adaptation of Eiichirō Oda’s manga has generated more than 7.7 million euros and has risen to the rank of 3e highest-grossing anime film in Japanese box office history. A success which was also confirmed in France with more than 120,000 tickets sold just for the previews. Unfortunately, the fanfare release of the film is also marked by several overflows.

A user explains in particular that a session at the Grand Rex on the first day almost turned into a settlement of accounts. More concretely, a group of young people had visibly come to disrupt the projection, ” most certainly to reproduce the equivalent of Marseille explains the person in question. “ This group was only present to fuck the shit up throughout the session! As always to make their buzz on social networks. At no time did this group respect the other spectators present. »

The small band, for example, repeatedly booed the character of Uta and insulted him as a “dirty bitch”. We recall that the actress had to suffer a wave of insults and harassment on social networks following the French previews of One Piece RED. Finally some asked the group to be quiet during the film’s climax, where the individuals in question took off their t-shirts and shouted “ like in an amusement park “. Undoubtedly annoyed to be confronted about their behavior, the group then began to wait for them at the end of the film to settle their accounts. Fortunately, Grand Rex security intervened before the situation escalated and ended in a possible fight.

Behaviors partly encouraged by the Grand Rex

We have reached a stage where cinema screenings have become carnivals and no longer audiovisual entertainment screenings. The Grand Rex has a huge share of responsibility and seems to be satisfied with it rather than trying to find solutions. It’s not normal for a session to take place without these conditions! We pay for a film and not for a circus, it would be time to wake up and denounce before the small cinemas undergo this propagation incited by the Grand Rex! One day there will be a drama for sure. Do not come and say that it was only in Marseille, that we come to the Grand Rex for that etc… many must learn respect and not impose their degenerate attitude! The freedom of some ends where that of others begins concludes the viewer.

The Grand Rex had indeed expressed himself on the scenes of euphoria in the room during the previews of major films and even encourages them. ” That vibe, that’s what the fans are looking for “, said Alexandre Hellmann, owner of the cinema to the newspaper The Parisian. “You have to live it to understand. Young bare-chested people, who scream everywhere, go on stage… That’s exaggeration”, before adding “when they stand up during the super important scenes, they shout in relation to the final, that they communicate their fan attitude thoroughly in a good atmosphere, there is no problem, we love it. “Not the spectators who obviously pay their place …

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