One Piece Odyssey: this is what the fights look like

One Piece Odyssey finally lets us see its combat system and its gameplay. The latest developer diary is particularly rich in information and images.

A few months after its announcement, One Piece Odyssey is still very mysterious. It’s not for lack of making an appearance at Summer Game Fest 2022 with a short trailer showcasing the game’s story. However, after the World Seeker debacle, fans are mostly waiting to see some gameplay and have more concrete information. They will finally be served with the new developer notebook.

Details on Oda’s involvement and the development

In this video, Katsuaki Tsuzuki dwells above all on the concept of the game, which will still tell an original story. The goal is to ” offer an epic adventure in the One Piece universe. We have emphasized the notion of adventure and the typical fights of the manga “, explains the producer of the game. Besides, the subtitle “Journey to the depths of memories” during the announcement is not insignificant. It’s a direct reference to the One Piece Odyssey concept. However, the developers cannot reveal the meaning for the moment.

They still wanted to clarify the development time and the mangaka’s involvement in the game. If Eiichirō Oda designed the game’s characters 3 years ago, the development of Odyssey actually started five years ago. years, parallel to One Piece Pirate Warriors 4. The writing thus began when the manga was in the first half of the Tougato Island arc. Only then was Oda contacted. The game piqued his curiosity to the point that he wanted to create two original characters: Adio and Lim, as well as new monsters like Leviathan and Dry Penguin.

One Piece Odyssey fights

Full of information and images of the gameplay and fights of One Piece Odyssey

The developers, on the other hand, have been more generous with regard to gameplay and combat. The title will be above all a JRPG with the notion of adventure as the main hook. The teams promise plenty of areas to explore filled with opponents and monsters that will roam the scenery. Question fights, we will be on classic turn-based with the possibility of creating a team of 4 characters. For Tsuzuki, the originality of One Piece Odyssey will be based on two mechanics.

The first is a split zone system where opponents and Straw Hat crew members are randomly assigned to locations during the encounter. The second is called the “staging system” where Luffy and his friends will have to overcome unexpected situations that occur randomly. For example, Sanji may be surrounded by women and unable to attack. Overcoming them will provide greater rewards.

Out of combat, it will be possible to change characters on the fly to explore the 3D world of Waford. Each Mugiwara will come with a unique ability related to their powers. Luffy will for example be able to reach more distant areas thanks to his elastic arms, while Zoro will be able to overcome obstacles by cutting them, that Chopper will be able to sneak through narrow tunnels and that Francky will be able to build bridges.

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