One Piece Odyssey: a very big surprise announced

One Piece Odyssey: a very big surprise announced

Bandai Namco has just unveiled a new trailer for One Piece Odyssey which has just revived fans’ interest in the game: it will be possible to discover the game’s emblematic places in an action-RPG style.

One Piece Odyssey may be pushed back to January 13, 2023, but that doesn’t stop Bandai Namco from trying to raise the hype among fans. The Japanese publisher is on the right track with their new trailer unveiling a legendary manga arc and a surprise feature.

Alabasta in One Piece Odyssey

Original story requires, One Piece Odyssey will introduce a whole range of new characters and a mysterious new island. Aware that specials are struggling to find a place in the hearts of fans, Bandai Namco has found a solution. New trailer of the game indeed confirms that Luffy and his whole gang will be able to revisit certain emblematic places of their journey. This will be the case, for example, with Alabasta, the scene of the epic battle between the Straw Hat and Crocodile.

Players will then be able to reunite with some much-loved characters from the community, like Vivi, Karoo, and… the Vogue Merry, the very first ship from the crew that brought so many fans to tears. One Piece Odyssey will justify this unexpected journey by a mechanic linked to the world of Mugiwara memories. Alabasta will therefore not be the only cult place in the manga that can be visited. To discover the others, however, we will have to wait for new information.

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