One Piece Odyssey: a cult place unveiled that will delight fans

One Piece Odyssey: a cult place unveiled that will delight fans

One Piece Odyssey quietly continues to reveal itself little by little with this time the disclosure of a cult place in the franchise. All in gameplay video.

If you wait for the game One Piece Odyssey impatiently, know that the Japanese publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment has just unveiled a new gameplay video which focuses this time on the fabulous city of Water Seven. The integration of the Water Seven story arc is not trivial for the development studio ILCA, because it is a moment in the manga very appreciated by fans for its many events.

One Piece Odyssey wants to make it right

Within the manga, Usopp and Robin are the two main protagonists of this narrative arc so if we keep a certain fidelity, the game One Piece Odyssey should do the same. The title will pull on the nostalgic cord but original story obliges, we should not expect a stricto-sensu follow-up of the events that we already know via the work of Eiichirō Oda. One Piece Odyssey will introduce a whole range of new characters and visiting cult places like this is a good parade for Bandai to still satisfy “ultra” fans who want content consistent with what they have been able to read in the manga or see in the anime.

The release of the game is still scheduled for the January 13, 2023 on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Note that it is already available for pre-order with a magnificent collector’s edition at a price of 169.99 euros. Something to satisfy the collector as well as the assiduous mangaphile.

What do you think of this RPG? Do you think it can suit your expectation of a One Piece game?

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