One Piece: a huge treasure hunt in Paris. How to participate?

One Piece: a huge treasure hunt in Paris. How to participate?

Notice to French fans of One Piece. A huge treasure hunt will be organized for two weekends. We explain everything about this nice initiative.

One Piece fans have imaginations. We know it and we saw it with the previews of the film RED, the manga creates enthusiasm with the French public. They will no doubt be delighted to learn that there is going to be a huge One Piece treasure hunt in Paris. Here’s when and how to participate.

How to participate in the One Piece treasure hunt in Paris?

A big giant One Piece treasure hunt will be organized in Paris for two weekends. The start will be given on Saturday September 17 at 2 p.m. Fifteen clues will then be posted on the Twitter account of the influencer Young Cap, organizer of the event. Each one leads to a different place in the French capital where you will have to solve an enigma on the spot. Obviously, it will not be necessary to overcome all of them to qualify for the final.

Only 15 players can attempt to find the large treasure chest. The final will take place in duo, each qualifier will be paired with an influencer, a youtuber or simply a One Piece fan. It will not be broadcast live, but it will be filmed in a format similar to Beijing Express and then broadcast on Youtube. All participants will receive an unspecified gift and a meal hosted by the One Piece Treasure Hunt sponsor. As for the big winners, they will leave with the big treasure, the content of which still remains secret.

Want to try the adventure? Nothing could be simpler, you just need to have a Twitter account and be in Paris on the big day. Note, however, that the event has not been approved by the Paris City Hall. ” I never gave a gathering place. The clues are there to avoid this kind of gathering and that there are lots of people in the same place “, explains the organizer in response to the fears of Internet users. It must be said that lately, One Piece has mainly made the news for the excesses of the French community. Let’s hope that this nice initiative is done with respect for everyone.

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