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In the novelization of his “Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood”, Quentin Tarantino answers one of the big questions of the film: the character of Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, did he kill his wife Billie ? (Warning, spoilers!)

Warning, this article contains a spoiler on the story of “Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood”. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on.

This is one of the big questions of Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood: did the character of stuntman Cliff Booth, played by Brad Pitt, kill his wife? If doubt is allowed when a flashback sees him handling a harpoon in front of his companion, nothing had been confirmed since the film’s release in 2019.

So, is Booth guilty? The answer is given in the novelization of Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood which Quentin Tarantino is currently promoting in the United States: the character has indeed killed his wife Billie (Rebecca Gayheart). The director reveals it as he discusses another murder of Booth, that of a fellow stuntman who wanted to let his faithful Brandy die in a dog fight.

“It wasn’t the first time that Cliff had committed murder and got away with it”, thus writes Tarantino, passage from the book surveyed by the Indiewire site. “The first time was in Cleveland in the 1950s. The second was when he killed his wife two years before the stuntman. This stuntman was the third time and he’s gone again. drawn.”

Tarantino insists that Booth regrets killing his wife but makes it clear that it is murder. “The minute Cliff shot his wife with the harpoon he knew it was a bad idea”, can we read in an excerpt cited by Slashfilm.

And the filmmaker to explain that “Cliff despised this woman for a period that seemed like an eternity to him,” but that “when he saw her cut in two … years of malice and resentment evaporated in an instant.”

The novel indicates that after this murder, Cliff rushes to his wife’s side, who is still alive. A long discussion then begins between the two protagonists, an exchange during which they evoke their common relationship.

Finally, shortly after the Coast Guard arrives, Billie passes away. Booth will let authorities know it was an accident, citing “the tragic mishandling of diving equipment.”

“Cliff felt really bad about what he had done to Billie”, concludes Tarantino. “But even with all these regrets and remorse, it never occurred to him not to try to get out of the woods.”

Did you notice the little hidden details of “Once Upon A Time … in Hollywood”?

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