Nvidia: the powerful RTX 4090 in action under DLSS 3.0 it looks like this

DigitalFoundry who is always on the right track when it comes to hardware and tech was able to get his hands on an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090. Enough to test the famous and highly anticipated new DLSS 3.0 technology on several demanding games to check its characteristics and especially its rendering.

3 games under Nvidia DLSS 3.0


Nvidia therefore allowed Digital Foundry to try the super sampling deep learning technology on three games, namely: Cyberpunk 2077 (in Overdrive RT edition), Spider-Man Remastered and the all-new Portal RTX. In order to have a conclusion worthy of the name, the titles have also been tried natively or in DLSS 2.0. Results ? Performance is between 2 to 5 times better between native mode and DLSS 3.0. Oddly enough, Digital Foundry was not allowed to show a frame rate. However, they were allowed to show the performance difference using a percentage system.

You can of course admire all this via the video above this news. This super-sampling technique basically makes it possible to artificially fill in/multiply the pixels displayed on the screen to gain fluidity. And surprise (or not) this version 3 is very efficient according to this video.

The only negative point of all this is that the DLSS 3 only works with a GeForce RTX 4000 even if Nvidia does not exclude its integration on cards of other generations than Ada Lovelace.

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