NVIDIA: good news, the price of Founders cards is down

We’ve been hearing about a potential price drop on Nvidia graphics cards for weeks now. Or at least a return to normal with the hallucinating inflation of recent years, this time it seems to be on the right track.

A price drop for Nvidia, FINALLY?


Indeed, the page concerning the Founders Edition graphics cards has been update there is little and the modifications concern all the mercantile aspect. Thus, we can learn that the most powerful model of the range, namely the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti goes from 2249 euros to 1329 euros today.

This also concerns two other high-end models since the RTX-3090 is now proposed 1199 euros against 1649 euros earlier in the year. The RTX 3080 Ti which was 1269 euros recently is now 1089 euros.

In any case, this only affects the top of the range from Nvidia for the moment since the other models do not change in price. And beware, as the manufacturer’s official website clearly indicates, this is a limited time offer. So stocks must be quite limited and you must surely act quickly to have the opportunity to get one.

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