Nostalgic for the Carddass DBZ? 192 cards reissued and available!

The mythical Carddass DBZ have the right to a new reissue with Gohan and Cell as headliners. A set that contains a large number of cards with great exclusivity.

Yes, it’s not just the cards Pokémon or Yu-Gi-Oh! Between November 1988 and September 1997, Bandai Namco released the first collection of Dragon Ball cards. Get ready, the Carddass DBZ are back!

Carddass DBZ available for purchase

For 13,090 yen, or about 95 euros, you can dive back into the ruthless world of playing and collectible cards with a premium set (vol.2) Carddass DBZ Super Battle. This contains 192 cards, volumes 5 to 8, but also a binder to store and protect them, a special booklet and above all, two new maps with never-before-seen illustrations.

Nostalgic for the Carddass DBZ? 192 cards reissued and available!

We have small shivers just to see this Gohan Super Saiyan 2 and Cell. One of the most iconic moments in manga and anime to highlight the nostalgic and cult side of this derivative product. This is Dragon Ball Z, but there have been Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT series.

In all, Bandai Namco has still reissued the collection eight times in thirty years, the last time in 2018, for the 30th anniversary. And as often with these cards, it’s rare and coveted, so it goes fast! All the more so when they are associated with such a prestigious franchise that still cradles millions of thirtysomethings.

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