NordVPN is giving you 63% off for Black Friday

NordVPN is giving you 63% off for Black Friday

On the occasion of Black Friday, NordVPN is launching a surprising promotion on its cybersecurity tool. For many years, VPNs have become more and more popular. In addition to preserving anonymity, this software has more than one trick up its sleeve. They allow the user to access websites that are normally inaccessible from their geographical area.

let’s remember that NordVPN is among the best software in its class. He managed, more than once, to prove his reliability and efficiency. Its users should therefore be more won over with its offer for Black Fridaywhich will allow them to make significant savings on the price of the subscription.

NordVPN:udaily protection

The primary function of NordVPN is to provide you with Secure browsing on the Web. By installing it, you will be able to protect your personal information from possible hacking. Indeed, NordVPN uses many processes to ensure your protection. Thanks to its powerful algorithm, NordVPN can carry out encryption of your data. This consists of securing all of your digital data in order to prevent third parties from having access. Thus, no one will be able to see the sites you visit, nor obtain your passwords.

Even better, to enhance your security, NordVPN hides your IP address, thus guaranteeing your anonymity. In this way, no one will be able to trace you, nor have access to your work online. As an additional guarantee, NordVPN is a No-log provider, which means it doesn’t keep any data of your online activity. Thanks to its double VPN functionality, your data will pass through two different servers and not just one. By purchasing NordVPN, you will be browsing the web without leaving a trace behind.

Easy access to your entertainment with NordVPN

In addition to guaranteeing you anonymity, as well as flawless security for your data, NordVPN can also entertain you! Although this is not a streaming site, this VPN can give you access to series and movies blocked for your country. It should be noted that, on the net, the Internet user can only have access to the content provided for his geographical area. Thus, if you are in France, you will not be able to access foreign content without being authorized to do so. NordVPN bypasses geoblocksallowing you to access blocked sites for your region.

Concretely, the NordVPN offers you an impersonated IP address, allowing you to create a location in the country of your choice. It gives you access to more 5600 servers located in more than 59 different countries. This feature allows to enjoy foreign programs from the biggest streaming sites, such as Netflix and Hulu. In addition to entertainment, this VPN allows you to access local French sites while traveling abroad, which is, we agree, a great advantage.

In addition to a discount on the subscription price during Black Friday, you will also be entitled to many other privileges. A money-back guarantee is in order, as well as 24-hour assistance offered by the VPN’s customer support.

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