No, your operator will not cut off the Internet/your box whenever he wants

It has not escaped your notice but currently the French government is trying to save energy wherever it can, even when it is very symbolic. So recently, the rumor has been circulating that operators will be able to cut your box whenever they want. Is this really the case? In a word: no.

No your internet will not be cut at night

No, your operator will not cut off the Internet/your box whenever he wants
Jean-Noël Barrot at the microphone of Europe 1 @Europe 1

The Minister in charge of the Digital Transition, Jean-Noël Barrot declared on European 1 want to remedy internet boxes that do not go to sleep automatically. For this reason, operators will generalize watch systems for boxes. But that absolutely does not mean that your internet will be cut on the fly by the operator on simple request. It’s actually just putting your device to sleep when not in use. And not completely cut your box.

Moreover, the minister himself specifies following legitimate fears:

It’s not about shutting off the internet at night.

We encourage the generalization, for operators or equipment manufacturers, of the hibernation parameter for boxes

This is to have a standby, generated by default, either after a certain period of inactivity, or when the box no longer detects any device connected to WiFi

Two solutions are possible, either via a software update, for the most recent boxes or according to the specificities of each. Or via a hardware update, in this case this would only occur when the subscriber would have to change box for X reasons (voluntary update, change of package, opening of a new account, etc.).

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