Nintendo: this cult SNES game reveals a secret 28 years later

Nintendo: this cult SNES game reveals a secret 28 years later

Have you always played Super Punch-Out solo on Super Nintendo? No luck because finally, the game has a well-hidden two-player multiplayer. And it even works on Switch!

Two-player Super Punch-Out on Nintendo consoles

His find goes around the Web and for good reason, it is clearly worth the detour. The Unlisted Cheats Twitter account, which unearths hidden codes for old games, made a revelation: Super Punch-Out, contrary to what has always been said, has a two player mode. It is all the more incredible that it was not mentioned anywhere, and that this secret is pierced 28 years after the release of the title on Super Nintendo.

The best thing about all of this is that this feat can be reproduced by absolutely anyone, without special knowledge, on SNES but also on Nintendo Switch via its online store which offers a selection of old apps.

To achieve this, there are obviously steps to follow. When you are on the title screen, you must hold Y + R on controller 2 then press A or Start, which will allow you to enter “free match” mode and choose from 16 characters including those you fight solo. And then the second player can grab their controller, hold B + Y and successively press A or Start.

And There you go ! You can go head-to-head locally in a Nintendo classic. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

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