Nintendo Switch: your console unusable if you cheat on this exclusion

Nintendo Switch: your console unusable if you cheat on this exclusion

You’re probably going to want to think twice before cheating at Splatoon 3. Nintendo is taking drastic and permanent measures that directly affect the use of your console.

Splatoon 3 hasn’t been released yet, it’s already doing damage… to cheaters who have their consoles banned without warning and therefore no longer have access to online services, including downloads, or even to their games. Cheh?

Nintendo goes after the cheaters of Splatoon 3

Nintendo held its Splatfest World Premiere, the first large-scale tech test of Splatoon 3 to take the temperature and see the behavior of the servers. But the Japanese manufacturer also took this opportunity to identify bad behavior on the player side and test its anti-cheat system. And it ended badly for those who tried to modify the game.

Indeed, an unofficial patch allows after installation to enter the test area earlier. Except that here, this non-regulatory advantage always ends in the same way: that is to say by a ban on the players of the console according to the dataminer OatmealDome. Big N could also practice lifetime bans from Nintendo Switch Online.

OatmealDome is surprised to see players still resorting to this practice, because Splatoon 2 was already able to identify this kind of cheating and therefore punish cheaters in the same way.

For now, the penalty seems irrevocable and it would be better to tempt fate. One solution: training, training and training.

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