Nintendo Switch & Xbox Series : a price increase in the coming weeks?

Nintendo Switch & Xbox Series : a price increase in the coming weeks?

Weeks pass but the shortage of semiconductors is still relevant. And inevitably, the tech world pays the price, starting with video game manufacturers like Sony and its PS5. To find your way around, some companies will raise prices like Facebook for its Meta Quest 2. What about Mario’s house for the Nintendo Switch and that of Master Chief for the Xbox Series ?

The Nintendo Switch at a higher price soon?

The current economic environment is not the most favorable to consumers. In Japan, several companies have raised the selling prices of their products, such as Apple. There, the iPhone is 25% more expensive there than in 2021. But in the video game industry, none of the manufacturers has dared to take the plunge.

Big N plays the transparency card: there will be no increase in the price of the Nintendo Switch. However, according to analyst Kazunori Ito, the Japanese would probably have no problem with it.

Japanese consumers are getting used to the price hikes of televisions, headphones, screens, fridges, dishwashers and printers. I don’t see them getting upset if consoles were to go the same way.

via Bloomberg and VGC.

Microsoft kicks in

At Microsoft, it’s a bit like with the PS5, we refuse to expand on the subject. As a result, on the question of an increase in the price of Xbox Series X|S, the Redmond firm declined to comment.

Manufacturers’ brains must be warming up because raising prices would certainly not be seen very favorably. And in itself, it will never solve the problem of supplying components necessary for the operation of the next generation consoles.

Do you think PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo will eventually enact a price hike? If so, would this be a barrier to buying for you? Tell us everything comments.

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