Nintendo Switch: two excellent games announced but… it’s atrocious!

Nintendo Switch: two excellent games announced but... it's atrocious!

In its latest Nintendo Direct, the Kyoto firm announced two new (native) game ports on Switch. If the titles are very popular, the rendering really stings the eyes.

The leaker The Snitch was right, It Takes Two is on its way to Nintendo Switch and with it another crazy indie game: Sifu. It’s crazy, yes, but beware of the sudden deterioration of your vision while watching the videos.

It Takes Two and Sifu available this year on Nintendo Switch

It’s official, the nugget It Takes Two will be ported to Nintendo Switch. A release date? Yes the November 4, 2022. It will be a native version – and not in the cloud like the Resident Evil games – but unfortunately, at the cost of gigantic concessions. The gameplay trailer is telling enough with an absolutely massive downgrade. Between the missing details of the decor or the porridge of pixels on certain sequences, we are too often far from the PS4 / Xbox One version given the technical limits of the Switch.

The second good news is that Nintendo Switch players will also be able to learn kung fu via Sifu. The result is for once cleaner, the artistic direction making it possible to erase imperfections. We don’t escape aliasing and unsightly contours here and there, but it goes much better. And if it’s running at 30fps with no framerate drops, then maybe it’ll be a nice pocket edition. Sifu will be released on November 8, 2022.

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