Nintendo Switch: the ultimate accessory for GameCube nostalgics

Ah, the good old days of the GameCube, this time that those under 20 can (almost) not know. For many players, it is a remarkable console and inevitably when turning on our Nintendo Switch, we sometimes think about it. The heart heavy with nostalgia at the thought of this little purple cube and this exceptional controller. Well just to remind you of the good times, the company NYXI Gaming, specialist in pads and controllers, reveals the NYXI WIZARD. An entire program.

A bit of GameCube in your Nintendo Switch

We can learn the news via a simple tweet from the official account of the manufacturer:

The NYXI WIZARD combines the retro look of our long-running NGC controller with a much more ergonomic design and works great with any Nintendo Switch console.
She is coming soon !

There was no GameCube-style controller yet that shared the Joy-Cons features, until now, only a classic pad. The NYXI WIZARD can therefore separate and attach to the console just like your Joy-Cons. Other controller features include interchangeable joystick rings and illuminated face buttons. According to the company, the sticks “will never develop a drift in their lifetime“. So farewell to the Joy-Con drift that comes to rot the lives of some players.

The NYXI WIZARD controller for Nintendo Switch.
The controller in question

However, there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the Nintendo Switch controller is available for the price of 65 euros on the manufacturer’s official website. But the bad news is that at the moment it’s out of stock, which should sort itself out in the coming weeks. We therefore advise you to use the “NOTIFY WHEN AVAILABLE” tool if this WIZARD interests you.

Here are all the functions:

● Hall effect joystick, without drift.
Co-production with K-Silver — Joystick upgrade, using electromagnetic principle, extremely improve drifting problem.
● Designed for performance, the ZR/ZL buttons are quieter, lighter, have less resistance and have shorter trigger distances to help you shoot faster. ABXY buttons have white light effects and a comfortable feel for an enhanced gaming experience.
● Removable handles and replaceable handle ring.
● Ergonomic and non-slip design.
● Wireless connection and long-lasting performance.
● Adjustable turbo and mapping function.
● One-key wake up and screenshot function.

So that’s enough to significantly improve your Nintendo Switch to give it a unique look.

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