Nintendo Switch Pro could be announced soon

Nintendo Switch Pro could be announced soon

This is the new rumor of the day. The Nintendo Switch Pro could be announced very soon and maybe even by the start of the school year. Here’s what we know.

Another new Nintendo Switch Pro rumor. While the Japanese firm could have confirmed its name through a trademark registration, a leaker usually well informed suggests an upcoming announcement.

Soon an announcement for the Nintendo Switch Pro

It’s time for Nintendo to announce its next console to finally silence the rumors. And that’s good, because according to the latest rumors, Big N could reveal its famous Switch Pro in the coming months. The leaker GraffitiMAXwhich unveiled the first special OLED Switch in the colors of Splatoon 3, made a new revelation. According to its sources, the Japanese firm should announce the one that could be called the New Switch soon and possibly in September. This last information is nevertheless to be taken with a grain of salt since he must corroborate this potential date with his sources.

What it is visibly certain is that the Nintendo Switch Pro would be able to run a lot of games at 60 fps. Statements that go in the direction of what had been affirmed Bloomberg, which stipulated that the console could offer graphics in 4K. It is therefore not impossible that certain games like Breath of the Wild or Animal Crossing may be entitled to a life-saving patch. If the console is announced one day obviously. Because there are countless rumors around the Switch Pro, maybe this time it’s the right one? To be continued…

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