Nintendo Switch Online: already a new free game, it is very well rated

Nintendo Switch Online: already a new free game, it is very well rated

Not one, but two trial games will be available in January 2023 for Nintendo Switch Online subscribers. Here is what will be the next title that will be available in a few days.

The year is off to a strong start for Nintendo Switch players. While the exclusive Fire Emblem Engage has won over players and critics alike, Big N has a very nice surprise. Almost every month, the Japanese publisher allows you to test a new title for free. January will nevertheless derogate from the rule since a second free game will be offered in stride.

A second free Nintendo Switch game in January 2023

Small change at the beginning of the year. Nintendo regularly promotes popular titles, sometimes unknown to the general public, through its “Test Play” program. No surprise, its name is quite evocative, it allows you to test a certain game for a given period and to benefit from a discount in the event of a purchase thereafter. To give an idea, Big N had bet in 2022 on big titles like Pokkén Tournament DX, Monster Hunter Riseor even Mario + Rabbids, but also on more confidential productions.

The game of the month had fallen. This is UNO, available from January 19 to 26, 2023. However, Big N has just thrown in a nice surprise. There will not be one but two free Nintendo Switch games in January 2023. The Japanese firm has just announced that the card game will be replaced by a new title little known to the general public. Of January 27 to February 3, 2023Snipperclips – The Two of a Kind will therefore be available as part of the “Test Play” program.

The new trial game already available for download

In this family game, you must solve puzzles by cutting shapes using Snip and Clip. The duo are able to cut each other and change their shapes to solve puzzles suitable for young and old alike. Title focused on cooperation, each player will take control of a character, each with a Joy-Con. Communication and coordination will be necessary to overcome the many puzzles. Note that this new free Nintendo Switch game is also playable entirely solo, where you can switch from Snip to Clip at any time. When it launched in 2017, the exclusive received a very warm welcome from players and critics alike.

As usual, there is only one condition to take advantage of this new free game: to have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription. You will then have access to the entire game and its content for one week and without any restrictions. The opportunity to discover in depth this unnoticed title and possibly crack later thanks to a reduction offered at the same time. Note that if it will only be playable from January 27 as part of the subscription, Snipperclips – The two make a pair can already be downloaded.

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