Nintendo Switch: a very popular free Pokemon game, but on one condition

Nintendo Switch: a very popular free Pokemon game, but on one condition

Not everyone who owns a Nintendo Switch knows this, but Nintendo has a monthly free trial program for NSO subscribers only.

Like every month, Big N offers Nintendo Switch players the chance to discover a new game for a limited time. For the month of August, Pokkén Tournament DX is the free game of the moment, and that’s no coincidence.

Pokkén Tournament DX free on Nintendo Switch

Today, the World Championships Pokémon 2022 begins. From August 18 to 21 in London, the best players of the JCC and the various competitive video games of the license will compete to share more than half a million dollars in rewards and above all hope to win the title of World Champion. Pokémon. To celebrate this highly anticipated event within the community, the publisher is allowing Nintendo Switch players to try one of the games Pokémon most popular during the event: Pokkén Tournament DX. Attention, however it is subject to conditions, not everyone will be able to benefit from it.

From August 18 to 31, only Nintendo Switch Online subscribers will be able to play Pokkén Tournament DX for free. As usual, they will have access to the entire game and its content for over a week without restriction. Enough to allow fans of the license to discover the fighting game particularly appreciated by the community and to test the 21 Pokemon available. Those who let themselves be convinced by this free game will be able to take advantage of a 30% discount on the title until August 31. The offer is not yet available in France, but the game should go to around 42€ against the usual 59.99€.

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